Design: WTF!? // 03 Experiential Design with Craig Winslow

Augmenting The World With Light

We're creating far beyond the confines of a screen, a page, a wall... the past few years design has gotten drastically more dimensional. Emerging mediums, virtual worlds, augmented reality in our phones, projected AR— there's a lot of new tools out there and this niche industry is becoming more and more accessible. We can now blend our digital designs into the physical world around us, an expanding frontier for social, emotional, and empathetic experiences including immersive education, narrative-driven escape rooms, data-visualization using mixed reality... it's kind of overwhelming, actually. How does one get into this kind of work? Where do you start? Time to dive in!

* * * 

Craig Winslow is an experiential designer based in Portland, OR with a passion for blending the physical and digital, and a fascination with how we incorporate the past within our future. His creative pursuits focus on creating the 'never done before’, bringing specialty concepts to life using a mix of new, old, and emerging technologies— aiming to please with playful, clever, and charming experiences. He was an Adobe Creative Resident 16/17', currently teaches at PNCA as a research fellow in the Make+Think+Code Lab, and has run his own studio for the past 5 years working with NikeLab, The Neon Museum, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Princeton University, Adobe, and the Portland Trail Blazers. However, his design career originates right here in Burlington, Vermont, hacking his own faux-double major at Champlain College in Graphic Design + 3D Art & Animation, then landing an internship at JDK Design, in the exact building as this talk.

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Today is arguably one of the most exciting times, and let's face it—overwhelming times—to be a designer. From problem-solving in health care to bringing about social change in society, design is exploding and constantly changing. AIGA Vermont is excited to bring a new series focused on these issues and discussions around emerging trends and the future of design. Please join us for monthly talks by local and national design champions to inspire and educate in the areas of social design, healthcare design, game design, exhibit design, government design, UX, AR/VR, and more!

Sponsored by the Masters’ in Emergent Media at Champlain College
When & Where
Wed, Nov 14, 2018 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST
Maglianero Cafe
47 Maple Street
Burlington, VT 05401