Student Challenge

2019-2020 Design Student Challenge

Ready to push your craft in a design team challenge? 

Apply on your own by creating an 8.5×11 document that answers the questions below. You’ll also submit your own design proposal—based on one of the two challenges—on an 11×17 document. From the individual applications and proposals, an AIGA Vermont representative body will create two design teams (one per challenge) of five students each. Teams will work collaboratively to answer the challenge.

Challenge 1: Activism

Inspired by AIGA’s Design for Democracy, this design challenge asks:
What can designers create to change human behavior, open channels for dialogue, and generate positive alternatives to the status quo?

Challenge 2: Design history

Inspired by AIGA’s Women Lead, this design challenge asks:
How can designers rewrite—or redesign, rather—the history and tradition of design to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of women?

Submit Your Application


The student design challenge will be open to all Vermont design students over the age of 18. Applications are due by December 6, 2019.

Include this Information:

  1. Name. Pronouns. Age. Email. Portfolio website. School.
  2. Challenge: Which design challenge are you applying for?
    • Challenge 1: Activism: What Should It Look Like?
    • Challenge 2: Design History: Where Are The Women?
  3. Statement of interest (100-word maximum): What interests you about this design challenge? What skills do you have that will contribute to your team’s success in the challenge?
  4. Teamwork: Describe in a few sentences your history—have you worked on creative/art/design teams or collaborations?
  5. AIGA: How did you find out about the 2019–2020 AIGA Student Design Challenge? Are you currently an AIGA member?

Proposal Format

Design Proposal:

Attach one 11×17 document that includes preliminary concepts for a visual design solution. This can include sketches, moodboards, digital renderings, and mind maps. The 2019–2020 AIGA Student Design Challenge will be exhibited at Kestrel Coffee Roasters in Burlington. All concepts should reflect the scale of the exhibition space.

Submit applications and proposals to Jonathan Mikulak, Assistant Professor of Visual Communication Design at Champlain College,